You have reached LANDy

LANDy is occasionally famous actor and filmmaker, Adam Goldberg, with the likes of Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips (with whom he composed his 2005 feature, I Love Your Work), Aaron Espinoza of Earlimart, a host of others, and often times Goldberg very much alone.

Sometimes soaring and dense, other times home spun whispers, LANDy's are songs of love and loss, renditions of contrition. They are sycophantastic!

If you've ever been jilted or are generally antipathetic you'll get a kick out of LANDy!

Recorded in Los Angeles, New York, and Norman, Oklahoma, in studios, living rooms, and truck stops (not really) "Eros and Omissions" began in earnest in 2002 and was completed bombastically in 2008, clocking in with 18 tunes--a little something for everyone. Or a lot of something for someone.

It's a Best Of! It's a debut! It's whatever you want it to be! This LANDy is your LANDy, this LANDy is my LANDy. It's the music you've been waiting for... and waitng for...